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Two round brilliant diamonds set in a four-prong basket mounting, 1/4 ct total weight. 

$ 399.00

Two 8x8 Checkerboard Cut Citrine in a 14K Yellow Gold Bezel Setting.   In-Stock: Available to Ship within 2-3 Days

$ 399.00

Two 8x8 Optix Cut Green Peridot in a 14K Yellow Gold Bezel Setting.   In-Stock: Available to Ship within 2-3 Days

$ 445.00

An elegant pair of semi precious earrings, these can be worn by themselves or with a pendant necklace similar in stone settings. The earrings feature an oval shape 5x3mm morganite in the center. This is surrounded by 32 pave set...

$ 475.00

An eye-catching design and beautiful diamond embellishments, make this pair of hoop earrings quite luring. The hoops feature a cutwork braided look, with diamonds adorning each braid for a stunning showy effect. There is a total of 20 pave set...

$ 410.00

Simple but eye-catching, this pair of diamond hanging earrings appeals to all age groups. The simplistic geometric shape cutout is made beautiful by the round cut diamonds that decorate it. Prong set round cut diamonds embellish the smaller lower half...

$ 375.00

A pair of classic style hoop earrings; these easily make for a quick choice. They are simple, elegant and eye-catching and can be anyone's favorite. The hoops are beautifully accentuated with 26 prong set round cut diamonds, 13 on each...

$ 399.00

A pair of intricately carved diamond hoop earrings; these lend visual as well as aesthetic appeal. The earrings feature an alternating marquise and circle cutwork pattern, with diamonds embellishing the front motifs. Each of the circles is encrusted with a...

$ 410.00

These fun and dainty earrings feature .24cts of blue topaz with diamond accent set in 14K Yellow Gold.  A beautiful pair of earrings for a December birthstone. In-Stock: Available to Ship within 2-3 Days

$ 448.00

Dainty Pave Diamond Earrings set in 14K White Gold, feature .14ct total diamond weight.  This petite pave huggie sit just below the earlobe.  Can be worn as a petite drop earring for adults or would make a lovely pair for...

$ 430.00

Beautiful dainty yellow gold hoop earrings featuring a strip of yellow gold beaded detail alongside a row of stunning pave diamonds.  .10ct in total diamonds finish off these lovely huggie style hoops.  In-Stock: Available to Ship within 2-3 days.

$ 499.00

Beautiful octagon shaped yellow gold earrings adorned with .10cts of bright diamonds, with a beautiful halo of beaded yellow gold.  These eye catching studs are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. In-Stock: Item Available to Ship within 2-3 business...

$ 460.00

These dainty yellow gold diamond earrings feature .09cts of shiny white diamonds tucked around a beaded yellow gold halo.  A lovely set of stud earrings that can work every day. In Stock: Item will ship within 2-3 business days.

$ 425.00

A lovely and versatile pair of yellow gold earrings that can be worn as an diamond ear climber, or pointed down for an edgy look.  Featuring .09ct tdw, these diamond earrings are the perfect dainty and fun earring. In-Stock: Available...

$ 420.00

Beautiful 14K Yellow Gold Drop Earrings with beaded details and a lovely diamond center to finish it off.  A dainty pair of earrings perfect for every day wear.  .06ct of SI2 or higher quality diamonds. In-Stock: Available to Ship within...

$ 440.00

Pave diamonds and beaded 14K Yellow Gold come together to create these unique huggie hoop earrings.  11ct total diamond weight. In-Stock: Available to ship within 3-4 days.

$ 462.00

14K White Gold Diamond Leaf Earrings by Gabriel & Co. Feature .08ct tdw in shiny white diamonds. In-Stock: Available to Ship with 2-3 Business Days.

$ 380.00

14K Yellow Gold dangle earrings feature diamond encrusted triangular spikes to create an edgy yet feminine earring.  .10ct total diamond weight. In-Stock: Available to Ship within 2-3 Days.

$ 395.00

14K Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Diamond Cluster Huggie Drop Earrings adorned with .10 cts total diamonds make these dainty earrings a perfect staple for any jewelry collection. In-Stock: Available to Ship within 2-3 business days.

$ 448.00

Each of these timeless gold stud earrings features a halo of shimmering pave diamonds around a petite sapphire center set in 14K Rose Gold.  .05ct total sapphire and .05ct total diamond weight.  A delightful set for a young girl, or as...

$ 385.00

Each of these timeless white gold stud earrings features a halo of shimmering pave diamonds encircling a breathtaking amethyst center, February Birthstone. .036cts total diamonds with .24ct total amethyst.  Please allow up to 2 weeks processing time for this order...

$ 365.00

These edgy yet dainty 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Arrow Earrings feature .11ct tdw in white diamonds by award winning designer Gabriel & Co. In-Stock: Available to Ship within 2-3 business days.

$ 395.00

14k White Gold Diamond And Emerald Petite Stud Earrings by Gabriel & Co. These petite studs are perfect for young ladies, or someone looking to add a pop of color to their 2nd hole.   Perfect May Birthday Earrings. Please allow up...

$ 365.00