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Step 1

Select a Diamond

The first step in creating a custom ring design is selecting a loose diamond. At Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe you’ll have an opportunity to sit down for a diamond consultation with our owner David Lair. We will show you a collection of loose diamonds within your desired quality and budget. David Lair is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and diamond expert, he will provide you with extensive diamond education. This will help you understand the “Four Cs” and help you find the diamond that is best for you. This is a no pressure consultation, we understand and respect purchasing a diamond is a big investment and making a final decision may take multiple visits.

Step 2

Create a Design Plan

Our custom jewelry designer David Bredhal will work hand-in-hand with you to create your one-of-a-kind design. We can combine elements from different rings to create a completely unique design, or take a design you’ve seen elsewhere and make modifications to make it uniquely yours. If you have any ideas of what you’d like, please bring those with you. David may provide you a sketch to better help see your vision.

We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology to create virtual renderings of your custom engagement ring design as it is being created. These renderings allow you to view your ring from all angles prior to the ring being cast in metal.

Step 3

Unlimited Modification

We use sophisticated CAD-based technology that allows us to make an endless number of changes, at no additional charge to you. Want to make the center stone larger, or add a halo? We will make endless modifications until we build your dream piece.

Step 4

Wax Model and Metal Casting

After you have approved your final design, your custom engagement ring design will be built into a wax model, and then cast in your choice of metal. Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe uses the finest and purest quality metals available in the market.

Step 5

Stone Setting and Finishing

The metal casting is sent to our master craftsmen. This is where true workmanship comes into play; we work diligently to ensure your ring is built to your exact specifications, producing only the highest quality jewelry.

Step 6

Pickup and Propose

Your finished ring will be presented in a beautiful jewelry box along with the original GIA or EGL certification paperwork. We can also recommend a jewelry insurance company and we’ll provide maintenance tips that detail how to keep your diamond clean and looking its best. We would love to include your proposal story and engagement pictures in our Testimonial Gallery.

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