Leslie Brown
I am so very pleased with the ring David designed, it is STUNNING beyond words. I have had so many compliments on the ring. When I first came to the shop I felt very comfortable with everyone.  Christina, David and Rita all worked with me to achieve what I wanted out of the diamonds I had.  The diamonds came from a wedding set my dad gave to my mom the Christmas before their 20th wedding anniversary and I helped my dad pick the set out.  Daddy passed in 1997 and I was given the set by my mom so it had double meaning to me as I was a total daddy's girl.  My mom and I are also very close and she always says I am my dad in female form. The ring that David designed ended up actually looking similar to a ring my daddy actually used to wear and David never even saw that ring.  When I first saw the final piece I had tears in my eyes and now I wear the ring EVERY day and think of not only my daddy and momma but the man (David) who designs the ring and never knew either of my parents.  David put a personal touch on the ring as he engraved 1984 on the inside of the ring which is the year that my daddy and I shopped for the set that made my momma so very happy.  BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES FROM A NOW VERY BEAUTIFUL RING.  Thank you so much to all of you.  I will forever be grateful for your talents.