Jewelry Repairs

On-Site Repairs

Expert Repair Technicians On-hand Daily

  • Chain Clasp Repair
  • Pearl restringing
  • Necklace, bracelet, and ring solders
  • Colored stone replacement
  • New bails for pendants
  • Watch repairs, batteries, and adjusting watch bands
  • Safety clasps/chains
  • Rhodium re-plating
  • We appreiciate how your jewelry means to you, and that its important to find a trusted jeweler to handle your repairs. We have been assiting customers with jewelery repairs for over 25 years and have become a trusted jeweler in Orlando. We offer our on site jewelry repair center so you can trust your jewelry is repaired in house by one of our highly skilled goldsmiths. Our skilled jewelers are available to assist you with all your jewelry repairs .
  • We offer upfront costs for all our jewelry repairs. So whether you are looking for a simple ring repair, or if you lost a diamond and need to get a replacment, or just looking to refurbish and old piece of jewelry, we are here to help.
  • People often overlook the importance of jewelry maintenance, its just as important as on your maintenace on your car. You should have your fine jewelry inspected at least every six months to ensure your prongs are in-tact, and to ensure you're not in need of a prong re-tipping. The repairs could be necessary even if one is "easy" on their jewelry as regular wear does affect jewelry over time. if not properly maintained, it could result in a broken piece or a lost diamond which could be devestating depending on the pieces' cost or sentimental value. Bring your jewelry in any time and we'll happily inspect it for free and provide you with an honest opinion about any maintenance or jewelry repair needed.

Repair & Design

Our repair staff is ready to handle any task at hand. We use a state-of-the-art laser welder that allows our jewelers to weld and create a solid joint when repairing jewelry. Standard torching uses solder which melts at a lower temperature and doesn't always create a solid joint; this can lead to repair failure. Combining this technology with the experience of our jewelers offers immeasurable quality and precision for your jewelry repairs.

We also offer custom jewelry. Click here to learn more >

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