Finding the Right Engagement Ring Style


An engagement ring should be a reflection of one's personal style.  With a huge variety of options available these days, one should take time to listen and educate themselves on the preference of their significant other.  At Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe we offer a huge variety of styles to ensure that we can help you find the design that is right for your partner.  


Solitaire Engagement Rings  

Sleek and simple design that focuses on the center diamond allowing it to be the true star.  

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Modern Diamond Band Rings 

Similar to the solitaire, this popular style of ring showcases the center diamond with diamond details on the band and sometimes prongs.

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Halo Engagement Rings 

Available as single or double options, halo engagement rings often have a bolder look than a solitaire.  Halos often enhance the look of the ring by making the center diamond appear larger.

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Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings 

Elegant and timeless.  While not old, vintage inspired engagement rings provide a romantic vintage feel.  From floral designs to intricate details these rings remind us of the beauty of old-world charm.

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Split Shank Engagement Rings

With a band that splits in two, these rings provide a contemporary look that is often the choice for remounts and anniversary rings. 

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Custom Engagement Rings

A custom designed engagement ring provides a unique one-of-a-kind creation.  We specialize in custom design providing customers an opportunity to create a design specific to them.  


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