Why Choose Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe

Your Personal Jeweler:

Our customers have become our family. Unlike a large retailer, our customers know when they step in our store they are often greeted by name. We know their faces just as they know ours.  We take pride in getting to know them and learning their style preferences and helping them choose pieces with their tastes in mind.

Selection of Engagement Rings:

We understand the importance of finding the perfect ring to express your love and commitment. At Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe, we have over 1000 engagement ring options for you to choose from, ranging in styles and price for your specific needs. If you’re unable to find something in our showroom, we’ll refer you to our custom jewelry designer, David Bredhal. He has over 25 years of experience in jewelry design and will sit with you to help you design a one-
of-a-kind engagement ring or heirloom piece.


State of the Jewelry Repair and Custom Jewelry Design Technology:

At Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe, we use only the latest state-of-the-art technology for custom jewelry and repairs. We are the only jeweler in Central Florida with this level of equipment.

Our laser 3-D printer uses direct light projection to produce the highest level of 3D duplications of custom pieces that have been created with our CAD software. You will be able to touch, feel and try on a duplication of your exact ring prior to it being casted and finished.

Our laser welder allows our jewelers to weld and create a sold joint when repairing jewelry.

Standard torching uses solder which melts at a lower temperature and does not create a solid joint; this can lead to repair failure. Combining this technology with the 30 years of experience of our jewelers offers immeasurable quality and precision.

Lifetime of Free Inspections and Cleanings. 

Keep your purchase looking like new by bringing it at any time for unlimited professional cleaning and inspections.

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