Do I Need to Buy a Push Present?

If you stumbled on this article chances are you're soon to be expected a little bundle of joy and somewhere along the lines someone asked you what you were getting for a push present.

do i have to buy a push present

First of all, what is a push present to begin with?  A push present is a gift given by the future/ father at the time the baby is born, or shortly thereafter to the new mother.  Its given as a symbolic gesture of thanks for all that women put their bodies through for 9 months to bare the child and then the final birth or "push".  Its become increasingly popular the last several years. Chances are if you are questioning whether or not you NEED to a buy a push present, someone, possibly the future mom herself, has tipped you off and its likely expected.  

push present gift ideas

The good news is there is no standard for the amount of money to spend.  A push present could be a simple gift from the heart, or heirloom piece that could eventually be handed down to your new baby.  Its really up to you what you buy.

One great idea is a pair of diamond stud earrings.  The great thing about purchasing a pair of diamond stud earrings from Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe is our lifetime upgrade plan.  At any time, you can bring your original purchased diamond stud earrings from Goldsmith and we'll credit what you bought them for towards an upgraded pair.  This is an excellent option that allows you to upgrade her diamonds with each baby.



Another popular and more affordable option is a stackable ring.   Stackable rings allow women to create their own unique look.  They come in a variety of styles and metals and several styles have birthstones that can also be incorporated.  We have a wide variety of stackables in-stock that can be purchased online, but can also order you a specific design if you prefer. 

stackable rings push present

If all else fails, we have several in-stock pieces for every budget that she will sure to love.