Get to Know Mary

Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe Mary

Hometown: Winter Park, Graduate of Winter Park High School and Rollins College

Years with Goldsmith: Coming up on 15

Jewelry Style: Classic and Timeless (with a twist)

What makes her special:  Mary's ability to listen to a customer and find them the perfect piece of jewelry is incredible.  She takes time to learn her customers style preferences and budget to help them purchase the right piece. 

Her Niche:  We call Mary our local "who wore what" expert.  She is constantly keeping up with celebrity wedding and fashion trends.  She also has a passion for exotic stones, her favorites includes rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, and emeralds.

Favorite part of working at Goldsmith:  "I love the moment when I get to finally meet a future bride after watching the engagement process come full circle.  Up to that point, it feels like you're part of this secret special-ops group working behind the scenes helping them with the purchase of their dream engagement ring.   Nothing is more thrilling than the moment of seeing that ring on the finger of a gleaming future bride"

What customers have to say: "Mary is a dream to work with and always finds the perfect piece"- Pam Murdock (Google)

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