Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry Maintenance is the key to savoring the natural beauty of your jewelry pieces. It is highly important to know how to deal with your all your jewelry whether gold, silver, platinum, adorned with precious stones and more. It would be a great shame to have a beautiful piece of jewelry get ruined because of lack of knowledge as to the correct way of handling it. This is where we come in. Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe will teach you some basic rules of do's and don'ts regarding the wearing, cleaning and storing of the jewelry.

One of the most important things about wearing jewelry is knowing when not to wear it. First, you should avoid wearing jewelry while being in contact with water, such as taking a shower or swimming. Second, in the morning and in the evening, jewelry is the last thing to be put on and the first thing to be taken off, in order to avoid any contact with lotions, perfume, hairspray, shaving cream and other beauty care products. Third, it is extremely important to remove your jewelry when cleaning the house with different chemicals. Finally, you should try and avoid exposing the jewelry to extreme heat or cold, especially coming one after the other.

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Another important aspect of jewelry maintenance is knowing how to properly clean them. The main object is to wash them in warm water and mild soap while using a soft cloth to gently scrub them. Also, it is necessary to wipe all the water before storing the jewelry as gold and silver can get oxidized stains from even the smallest drop of leftover water.

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Regarding the storage of the jewelry, one of the facts about gold is its tendency to scratch from sharp objects, including other jewelry pieces. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent contact between the different jewelry pieces to avoid these scratches. Today, nearly all of the jewelry stores provide an individual box for the purchased items, in which you should continue to store the item, to keep it from harm.

Aside from learning about proper jewelry maintenance of handmade gold or silver jewelry, there are several precious stones that require special instructions regarding their handling, to preserve their natural beauty.

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The emerald is a standing gem, yet the internal characteristics require attention. It can be soaked and brushed gently in cold water. Avoid exposing the stone to heat, extreme cold, evaporating devices, ultrasonic or harsh cleaning solutions; with jade, scrub gently with a damp cloth. Avoid contact with hot water, chemicals, cleaning solutions or appliances like steamer or ultrasonic. Also avoid soaking in water; with lapis lazuli, you should avoid contact with hot water yet you can mix it with mild soap and cold water. Clean only as needed and rinse rapidly with cold water. Avoid exposing the stone to steamer or ultrasonic and do not soak it in water; marquisate should be cleaned gently with a damp rag. Avoid exposing it to extreme heat, hot water, immersion in water, chemicals, steamer or ultrasonic. Like the lapis lazuli, it should not be soaked in water; the opal can be lightly dipped in cold water. It should be dried with a soft cloth. Avoid exposure to high heat, hot water, cleaning instruments or equipment like steamer or ultrasonic; the pearl has to be wiped gently and with a damp cloth to remove sweat, grease or other residue. Avoid soaking it in water. It should then be wiped thoroughly with a soft cloth to completely dry it. Avoid exposure to heat, hot water, evaporating equipment, ultrasonic, cosmetics, hair spray; the turquoise should also be gently wiped with a damp cloth and then wiped with a soft cloth. Avoid exposure to hot water, immersion in water, chemicals, cleaning equipment like steamer or ultrasonic.