Custom Design Jewelry Orlando

Custom Design with Goldsmith Jewelry Shoppe is easy and affordable a a great way to breath new life into an old piece of jewelry or heirloom piece.  When you provide your own gold, you save money with your design.  When family diamonds or gem stones are used in your design, you also save. These sentimental pieces add to the emotional value of your design as well. When you know you have a one of a kind piece, it becomes priceless. Never under estimate the emotional impact of having a design made just for you.

On average, custom designing adds between $300.00 to $600.00 to the cost of a finished piece. When looking at the price between a branded designer line and a custom made piece, there is little difference in cost. 

Custom Design Jewelry Orlando

The Process:

Consultation: This is where the design originates. We will sit down together and create a design just for you. We can take from inspiration pieces that you already like or start from scratch and make it exactly the way you envision it.

Custom Design Jewelry Orlando

Model and Creation:  We use several methods to create a design model. We use CAD (Computer-Aided Technology) programs, milling machines, model builders, hand fabrication and hand carving techniques. If we cant make it, it cant be done. Our designer uses a specific CAD program to create a solid design. This can be rendered into a realistic photo image of the finished piece for your approval. Once the design is to your liking, we build it into a plastic/ wax prototype for your approval.

Custom Design Jewelry Orlando

Casting: Your new custom design will be cast into your choice of precious metal. Once the piece is cast, you have the option of a final approval of the rough casting. This helps to ensure everything fits and meets your standards.

Finishing and setting: We will polish and finish your design with great care. Setting each stone and finishing the piece out by hand. Our jewelers have over 30 years experience designing and creating jewelry. This guarantees that the final piece will last you for many years to come and the overall design will exceed your expectations. 

custom design jewelry

The entire process typically takes about 6 weeks to complete, although often have the ability to accommodate a rush request.  Any of our associates will be happy to assist you with your design and help oversea your design from start to finish.

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